Red Stag

Origin: Europe

Antler Size: 32-45 inches

Weight: 750-1,000 pounds

Estimated World Population: 100,000+

Red Stags are the fourth-largest deer species and are capable of growing antlers with over 66 points! Our trophy stags will have your heart racing and your hands trembling! There is no better experience than going on a stag hunt at Mountain Meadow. You may hunt our trophy Red Stag using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind.

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Red Stag Hunting Trophy Fees:

4x4 - $3,000
5x5 - $4,000
6x6 - $5,000
7x7 - $6,000
8x8 - $7,000
9x9 - $8,000
10x10 - $8,500
Red Hind - $1,500

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